Jakub Krolikowski

Jakub Krolikowski

Jakub Królikowski is a musician and composer born in Poznan, Poland. He performs improvised music and futuristic jazz on piano and keyboards, exploring cyclicity and repetition through the mechanical, physical production of sound on the keyboards in “real time;” a practive which enriches organicity and indeterminism. He plays solo and with the bands such as ‘True Polish Techno - Fanfara Awantura’ and ‘Koń.’

He passionately looks for various relationships between music and other art disciplines, and hence is the co-founder and co-curator ‘ŚWIATŁODŹWIĘKI’ (LightSounds) festival in Poland. He received First Prize at a composition competition in Krakow under the patronage of Krzysztof Penderecki. He has recorded for Jon Dobie, Territorium KV, Polish Radio and TV, Opus Series label & more.




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