Rafal Gorzycki

Rafal Gorzycki

Rafal Gorzycki was born on the 29th of March in 1984 (Zodiac: Aries) in Bydgoszcz, Poland. He graduated Composition studies at the Conservatory of Bydgoszcz/Poland in Zbigniew Bargielski`s class. He is also a member of the Polish Composers Society. Rafal started to be interested in music when he was 13 and tried to play drums between rehearsals of his brother’s punk-rock band. Soon afterwards, his older friend gave him the recordings of Miles Davis and John Scofield. He instantly fell in love with jazz music and bought his first musical instrument – drum set.

Afterwards Rafal Gorzycki turned into the XX and XXI century chamber music and absorbed this legacy to his jazz experience. He recorded 26 jazz, free-jazz, free improvised music chamber contemporary albums and played concerts in Europe, Asia and USA

Finally, in 2016 , he became involved in contemporary classical music. He graduated Composition studies in the Conservatory of Bydgoszcz/Poland. In 2019 he released his chamber contemporary “debut” album - Utwory Pierwsze - through his Foundation - ART MINTAKA, created by himself to support polish classical, jazz and improvised contemporary music.




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