Zubin Kanga

Zubin Kanga

Zubin Kanga is a pianist, composer, and technologist. For over a decade, he has been at the forefront of curating and creating interdisciplinary musical programmes that seek to explore and redefine what it means to be a performer through interactions with new technologies.

In 2020, following his appointment as Lecturer in Musical Performance and Digital Arts at Royal Holloway University, Kanga was awarded a prestigious UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to fund his latest multi-year project Cyborg Soloists, which is unlocking new possibilities in composition and performance through interactions with AI; interactive visuals; motion/bio-sensors, and new digital instruments. His work as part of Cyborg Soloists was recently featured at hcmf// (UK), Time of Music Festival (Finland), November Music (Netherlands) and Paris Autumn Festival (France).

zubinkanga.com cyborgsoloists.com



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