LightSounds - Audiovisual Art Festival

LightSounds is a festival dedicated entirely to audiovisual art, bringing attention to it as a standalone artform, and not a derivative, peripheral form stemming from either music or visual art. Therefore, it aims to invite artists who, either in collaboration with other festival artists or solo, will present concerts, performances and installations that fuse the musical and visual arts into one integral, aesthetic experience.

The first day of the festival will present a conference entitled ‘The Future of Music’, during which an extraordinary and diverse set of artists will present their views about where and how the musical arts may be headed. The conference aims to try to provide audiences with a better understanding of how seemingly disparate traditions can co-exist without mis-judging or excluding one another, all the while upholding their respective, distinct and dignified places. The speakers will include Beibei Wang, Orphy Robinson, Zubin Kanga, Rafał Gorzycki, Dele Sosimi, Florence To and Slavo Krekovic.

The next two days of the festival will include engaging artist talks and incredible concerts, with performances by artists such as Marti Guillem Ciscar, Pierre Bouvier Patron, Rie Nakajima, Jakub Królikowski and David Zucchi. Some of the concerts will be solo audiovisual projects, while some will be collaborative sets, curated especially for the purposes of the festival.

LightSounds is organized by Cheslav Singh, funded in part by the Arts Council of England and its partners are the London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM), Our ‘PL’ace Foundation and Richmix.

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